Uniform List


The following uniform items must be purchased from the school shop:

1 Blazer
2 Uniform trousers
3 Uniform shirts
2 Uniform house ties
1 Uniform pullover if required

You will also need:

5 Pairs black/dark grey socks
1 Pair black lace-up leather shoes (not suede or ‘kicker’ style)
1 School overcoat or rain jacket
1 Strong bag for books

The following kit items must be purchased from the school shop:

1 School tracksuit top
1 School tracksuit bottoms
1 Uniform reversible rugby shirts
1 Uniform blue rugby shorts
2 Pairs uniform blue rugby socks
1 Match shirt
1 Uniform white polo
1 Uniform PE shorts
1 Swimming Trunks
1 House polo shirt
1 Uniform cricket shirt
1 Uniform cricket trousers

You may also need:

1 Swimming Trunks
1 Pair indoor trainers
2 Pairs white socks
1 Hockey stick
1 Mouth guard
1 Pair rugby/soccer boots (with RFU safety studs)
1 Pair outdoor trainers
1 Pair astro trainers
1 Pair shin guards


The following items must be purchased from the school shop:

1 Match shirt
1 School polo shirt
1 School tracksuit top
1 School tracksuit bottoms
1 Pair blue sports socks
1 School skort

You will also need:

1 Pair white socks
1 Pair outdoor trainers
1 Pair astro trainers


All boarders will require the following:

2 Single duvet covers with metal press studs or button fastenings. The School will provide sheets, pillows and pillow cases. Duvets and duvet covers must be provided by parents.

1 Toilet bag / accessories
2 Face flannels
7 Underpants (minimum)
1 Dressing gown (compulsory)
1 Pair slippers / flip flops
2 Vests /  white T shirts (optional)
2/3 Bath sized towels (not white)
1 Shoe cleaning kit
1 Trunk or suitcase


There is a Dress Code for 6th form students, rather than a prescribed uniform. Students must wear a suit of a nature suitable for a formal interview which must be matching in colour and design. The suit must not be of denim or corduroy material and must not be skin-tight. Trousers may not look like jeans and must be of a classic full-length style. If wearing a skirt as part of the suit it must be of a reasonable length (close to the knee). In such cases, tights should be blue, black, brown or flesh coloured.  Shirts should be of a plain colour or striped and made of a fabric which is not see-through and work with a school tie. Shirts/blouses must have a collar, be buttoned up appropriately and tucked in. A tie need not be worn with a blouse but when worn must always be fully done up and collars buttoned. 

V-neck pullovers, waistcoats or cardigans may be worn as optional extras but the suit jacket must be worn over the top. Sweat shirts, zipped cardigans, round-neck pullovers or any garments with logos or wording should not be worn. 

Black or brown leather shoes are to be worn: boots, boat shoes, plimsolls, trainers, and any other footwear are not acceptable. Shoes can only have heels of modest height. Socks must be worn, should be barely visible and should be in keeping with a style for formal interview. Sports socks of any colour should not be worn when in suits. 

Coats should be smart; navy or black. When worn, they must be over the top of, and not instead of, a suit jacket. They should not be worn inside and only worn outside when appropriate for the conditions. Scarves should be of an unobtrusive colour and pattern; football scarves or those with logos and lettering are not acceptable. 

Hair should be a length and style that does not draw undue attention to itself; this includes dyeing. Students are expected to be clean shaven at all times, and with sideburns that do not extend below the level of the ear lobe, nor across the cheek.

Make-up, nail polish and jewellery should be suitable for attending a formal interview. Earrings or studs must be discreet; no other ornamental piercing is accepted.

Hair, make-up and jewellery should be in keeping with the formal interview standard as above.

The Sixth Form Management Team reserves the right to decide on the acceptability of any aspect of clothing or personal appearance.